D-Way Travel - The Right Way!

Customer Care Policy

A Satisfied Customer is our Main Concern

You can phone us:

Monday to Saturday between 0700hrs and 2130hrs.
Sundays between 0930hrs to 1900hrs.

Outside these hours you will be able to leave a message on an answer phone, but during busy periods office staff may be out driving.

For genuine emergencies we try to be on call 24/7.

When you phone us

We will respond to all phone messages as soon as possible. Where we use a 3rd party service, response times depend on the 3rd party.

We prefer correspondence via e/mail to d-waytravel@btconnect.com when convenient and possible, and attempt to respond to all according to their urgency and complexity.

Those of an urgent nature will take precedence over general enquiries.

This Policy Statement formally acknowledges that the quality of service provided is of the highest priority to all D/Way Travel staff.
We are committed to maximising the benefits to customers and the community through the services we provide
D-Way Travel is committed to ensuring that its services are accessible to all who seek to use them.
All staff are committed to assisting customers and demonstrating that they care about their needs.
All staff will provide a competent, courteous, helpful and friendly service to the highest professional standards.
At all times staff will seek to demonstrate a flexible and responsive attitude to customers.

D-Way Travel is committed to delivering and managing services and programmes consistent with the Department for Employment and Learning’s policy to promote equality of opportunity on the basis of ability, qualifications and aptitude, irrespective of religious belief, political opinion, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, marital status or gender

We invite comments, enquiries or complaints about any aspect of the service we provide to 01986 895375, 01986 895375, 07825187488 or d-waytravel@btconnect.com


In all cases your complaint will be:

We encourage genuine complaints to be brought to our attention in order that they can be remedied quickly and the reason leading up to the complaint can be eliminated from future operations and, where applicable, further training applied. We can deal with most complaints informally and quickly within 5 working days. However, if you prefer or are still not satisfied, you should contact the Proprietor (David Thompson) who will investigate your complaint and who will reply within 10 working days. If there is going to be a delay, we will let you know the reason and when you may expect to receive a detailed reply.

Do I have to complain in writing?

Many people are put off making a complaint because they have to make it in writing. Although we prefer complaints in writing you do not have to do this. We will accept your complaint by telephone, email or in person. If in person, please direct your complaint to the proprietor. If your complaint is serious we may ask you to put it in writing so that we can be absolutely clear about which parts of our service you are unhappy with.